Exam 77-425 Microsoft Word 2013 Expert
3.0 Create Advanced References
3.3 Manage forms, Fields, and Mail Merge Operations: Manage Recipient Lists

Mailings ->Start Mail Merge->Select Recipients ->Type New List

Type New Recipients List

When you create a New Address List you should see a database table. There are fields for the name, address, phone number and E-mail.


The fields at the top of the list--Title, First Name, etc.--can be used to sort and filter the Address List.

3. Try it: Create an Address List

Please add four or five names to this list.
New Entry adds another name to the list.
Delete Entry deletes a name from the list.


And Do This: Save the Database
After you add some names, click OK.
You will be asked to Save the database. By default, the Microsoft Address List will be saved in a folder called "My Data Sources" in the Documents folder.

Enter a File Name: Open House Names.
Click OK .

Keep going. The next step adds the Merge Fields to this main document.

Steps to Save the Address List:

Where Am I Saving it? My Document->My Data Sources
What am I Naming it? Open House Names