Insert Merge Field

Each Field on this list came from the database form you just filled out and saved. You can use these fields to Write the Mail Merge.


4. Try It:  Insert Merge Fields:

Double click the word “You” in the Open House Flyer and delete it. This is where I want to insert the Merge Fields.


Go to Mailings->Write & Insert Fields.
Click Insert Merge Field and click on First_Name. Insert the Last_Name as well. Please add a space between the two fields. 


Address block is another way to add Mail Merge Fields to your Main Document. The Address Block is a super field that includes the title, name, address, city, state and zip.


Keep going, please...


Exam 77-425 Microsoft Word 2013 Expert
3.0 Create Advanced References
3.3 Manage forms, Fields, and Mail Merge Operations: Insert Merge Fields



Mailings -> Write & Insert Fields-> Insert Merge Field