Review: Comments

You can use Comments to document a slide show. Each person's comment is identified by name and date. This exercise works best if there are two or more Comments. Please add the following:


1. Try it: Add a Few Comments

Go to Slide 1 and select the date.

Go to Review ->Comments.

Click on: New Comment

Type: Is this the date the poem was published?


Go to Slide 9 and select the Title.
Go to Review ->Comments.
Click on: New Comment
Type: Should the Sections have the same Themes?

Go to Slide 12 and select the picture.
Go to Review ->Comments.
Click on: New Comment.
Type: Is this right picture?


Keep going...

Exam 77-422: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
5.0 Manage Multiple Presentations
5.2 Track Changes and Resolve Differences: Manage Comments

Review ->Comments->New Comment