Playback: Video Options

The Video Options are similar to the ones we used on Transitions and Animation. You can program how the video starts and plays.


6. Try it: Edit the Video Options

The Video on Slide 4 is still selected.

Go to Video Tools ->Playback.

Go to Video Options.


Edit the following:

Start: On Click.

Select: Play Full Screen.
Select: Hide While Not Playing.

Select: Rewind after Playing.


These Video Options will play the video big--full screen--when you click it.

Keeeeeep going... This is the good part.


Memo to Self: If you select Hide While Not Playing, you will not see the little video to click on it. The following pages will show you a new method for starting the video.

Exam 77-422: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
3.0 Create Slide Content
3.6 Insert and Format Media: Set Start/Stop Times


Video Tools ->Playback->Video Options->Start