Enter the Slide Text

When you close the Master Slide view, you will return to the Normal View. You should see one slide that includes the picture and shape we added in the Master View.


1. Try This: Enter Text on the Slides

Please add 8 new slides for a total of 9.


Select Slide 1, type: Reach for the Stars

Slide 2: I built a shiny star ship

Slide 3: Made of silicon and glass

Slide 4: Little bits of code

Slide 5: And a dozen lights that flash!

Slide 6: It's me and my machine

Slide 7: Eager to join the race

Slide 8: O, the things we can explore

Slide 9: As we cruise through cyberspace!

Keep going...

Exam 77-422: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
3.0 Create Slide Content
3.1 Insert and Format Text: Enter Text