Exam 77-423: Microsoft Outlook 2013
4.0 Manage Contacts and Groups 
4.1 Create and Manage Contacts: Share Contacts (Forward a Contact Group)

Forward the Contact Group

You can Forward this Contact Group to your team if you wish. Share the wealth...


6. Try it: Share Contacts

Go to the Contacts Folder

Select the Charlotte's Website Contact Group. 
Go to Home->Share.

Click on Forward Contact.


What Do You See? The options are:

As a Business Card (not available for  Groups)

As an Outlook Contact


Try This, Too: Forward the Contact Group

Select: As an Outlook Contact.

A new message will open.

The Group Contact should be attached.

Enter your E-mail Address.

Enter the sample text: This is an example of a Group Contact.

Click Send to E-mail the message.


Keep going...

Home->Share->Forward Contact-> As an Outlook Contact