Exam 77-423: Microsoft Outlook 2013
3.0 Manage Schedules 
3.4 Create and Manage Notes, Tasks, and Journals: Custom Categories

Custom Categories

8. Try it: Create Your Own Category

Go to Task->Tags->Categories.

Select: All Categories.


What Do You See? The default Categories (Blue, Green, etc.) are listed. You can Rename a Category if you wish.


Try This, Too: Create Two New Categories

Click New...

Enter the Name: Training

Select a Color: Peach.

Click OK.


Click New...
Enter the Name: Charlotte's Website
Select a Color: Dark Green.

Click OK.


Look Again: Both of the new Categories have a check mark. Please unselect Charlotte's Website. This Outlook Training Task will be tagged with the Training Category, only.

Click OK. Then Save & Close.

Keep going...

Task->Tags->Categories-> All Categories