Exam 77-423: Microsoft Outlook 2013
3.0 Manage Schedules 
3.2 Create Appointments, Meetings and Events: Use The Room Finder

Find a Time: AutoPick

3. OK, So Try This: AutoPick Next
Another way to find a time without conflicts is to use AutoPick Next. AutoPick reviews the Calendars and selects the next Start Time that is free for everyone. If there is no data, the Start Time will advance to the next half hour.


3. OK, So Try This: AutoPick Next
Go to

What Do You See? The options include:
All People and Resources
All People and One Resource
Required People
Required People and One Resource

If all else fails, try an Earlier Time.

Keep going, please...

The Computer Sez: We prepared a slide show for a meeting at 2:00 AM once!

Meeting ->Show->Scheduling Assistant

Review: The Sender's Calendar