Exam 77-423: Microsoft Outlook 2013
3.0 Manage Schedules 
3.2 Create Appointments, Meetings and Events: Use The Scheduling Assistant


Use the Scheduling Assistant

2. Try This: Use the Scheduling Assistant
The discussion returns to the Sender. The Attendees have responded. What does the Calendar look like? The Scheduling Assistant offers a different view of the meeting. Each Attendee is listed on the left. The Calendar is on the right. The Meeting time is shaded yellow.


The Proposed New Time is shown.

The Start Time is the line at 11:00.

The End Time is the line at 1:00.

What Do You See? Two Attendees, Elizabeth and Clair, already have appointments. The times are shown as blue, for Busy. One Attendee is unknown: He isn't a member of our company so his Calendar is not available. You may only see hash lines instead of the Free/Busy data.


What Else Do You See? The Calendar at the top of the Room Finder combines all of the Attendees' Free/Busy times and displays the dates as Good (everyone is free), Fair (someone has a conflict) and Poor (nobody home.)

At the bottom of the Room Finder is a list of Suggested times. Keep going...

Meeting ->Show->Scheduling Assistant


Review: The Sender's Calendar