Exam 77-422: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
1.0 Create and Manage Presentations
1.4 Configure Presentations to Print or Save: Export (Create a Video)

Package a Presentation for CD

Say you needed to send a CD with all of your materials to the conference team. You can use PowerPoint to Package the CD.


8. Try it: Package Presentation for CD

Go to File ->Export.

Click on: Package Presentation for CD.

Name the CD: PicnicCD.


What Do You See? You can Add or Remove files that you want to include on this CD. You can add spreadsheets, handouts, and PDF documents if you wish.


Try This, Too: Copy to Folder

Click Copy to Folder.

Enter the Folder name: PicnicCD.

Browse to your Documents folder.

Click OK.


Trust, but Verify: Go to the Picnic CD folder. You should see your PowerPoint presentation, an AUTORUN document and a yellow folder called PresentationPackage. 

File ->Export->Package Presentation for CD