Exam 77-422: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
4.0 Apply Transitions and Animations
4.3 Set Timing for Transitions and Animations: Reorder Animations

Reorder the Animation

Say you wanted to play the text animation first.
Here are the steps.


9. Try it: Reorder the Animation

The bulleted list on Slide 10 is selected.

Go to Animations ->Timing->Reorder Animation.

Click on: Move Earlier.


What Do You See? You can use the buttons to move an animation earlier (up) or later (down) on the play list.


Keep going...there's one more option.


Memo to Self: The Textbox animations can be collapsed or expanded. When they are expanded, you can edit each Text Effect (Timing, Duration, Delay) separately.

When the group is collapsed, you can move the entire series of TextBox effects if you wish.

Animations ->Timing ->Reorder Animation