Exam 77-422: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
4.0 Apply Transitions and Animations
4.2 Animate Slide Content: Apply Animations to Text Strings

Animate the Text

Text can be animated as well. The effects work best with bulleted lists.


Before You Begin: Make a Bulleted List

Go to Insert->Text->Text Box.
Draw a Text Box on the left side.

Enter the following:

Sample 1
Sample 2

Sample 3


Select the text.

Go to Home->Paragraph->Bullets.


7. Try it: Animate the Text

The Text Box is selected.
Go to Animations ->Animation.

Click on More and go to the Emphasis Animation Group.

Select: Underline.


What Do You See? When you preview the effect, the Text will be UNDERLINED, from left to right. It may animate very quickly!


Keep going...

Animations ->Animation-> Underline