Exam 77-423: Microsoft Outlook 2013
4.0 Manage Contacts and Groups 
4.1 Create and Manage Contacts: Import Contacts From External Sources (From Social Networks)

Hello, People

Contacts are People. Microsoft Outlook has a People Pane that shows what your Contact has been doing. The People Pane tracks messages, appointments, tasks and activities for everyone in your Contacts folder.


Before You Begin: Select a Message

Go to the Inbox.

Go to View->Reading Pane->Right.


Select any sample E-mail that you addressed to yourself, please.


1. Try it: View the People Pane

Go to View ->People Pane->Normal.


What Do You See? The People Pane has two "Normal" Views: Expanded and Minimized. The Toggle button is on the right side.

The People Pane may not automatically resize from Expanded (big pictures) to Minimized (little pictures). You can resize the People Pane if you wish to see the big images better.

Keep going...

View ->People Pane->Normal