Exam 77-423: Microsoft Outlook 2013
4.0 Manage Contacts and Groups 
4.2 Create and Manage Groups: Delete Group Members

Remove Group Members

Contact Groups are dynamic: People come and go. (Some folks may be asked to leave! ) Here are the steps to edit the Group Members.


Before You Begin: Change Folders

We were looking at the Inbox in the last lesson. Please go to the People folder and find the Contacts.


8. Try it: Review the Group Members

Open the Group Contact.
Go to Contact Group->Members.


What Do You See? The options include Add Members, Remove Member and Update Now. There is also an option to Delete the Group if nobody is behaving.

Now Try This: Remove a Group Member

Select a Contact.
Go to Contact Group->Members.
Click on Remove Member.

Save and Close the Contact Group.

Keep going...

Contact Group->Members->Remove Member