Calendar Tools->View ->Arrangement ->Overlay

Exam 77-423: Microsoft Outlook 2013
3.0 Manage Schedules 
3.1 Create and Manage Calendars: Calendar Groups

Overlay the Calendars

You can see the Calendar Group side by side to compare the various schedules. You can also combine, or Overlay, Calendars.

9. Try it: Create a Calendar Group

Three Calendars are open and selected. 
Go to Calendar Tools->View.

Go to: Arrangement->Overlay.


What Do You See? All three calendars are shown together. The appointments match the color of the Calendar tab so that you can distinguish which appointment goes with a room or person. There may be duplicates if several Calendars have the same appointment.

This lesson provided a look behind the scenes in Outlook. We reviewed the General options for Outlook as well as options for Mail, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, the Journal and Language.

The lesson also demonstrated how to  customize E-mail with Themes and Signatures.

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