Exam 77-428 Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert
3. Create Advanced Formulas
3.4   Create Scenarios: Enable Iterative Calculations


Iterative Calculations

Say you make a mistake, a circular reference that adds itself to itself, then the computer would calculate the same formula forever. How many times does Excel repeat a calculation? Once? Twice? You can set the Calculation Options in the Backstage.


Before You Begin: This is an example of a spreadsheet we created in a previous lesson. Any spreadsheet will work for this step.

6. OK, Do This: Find the Calculation Options

Go to File ->Options->Formulas.

By default, the Workbook Calculation is set on Automatic. There is also an option for Enable iterative calculation. The default settings are:

Maximum Iterations: 100

Maximum Change: 0.001


The Maximum Change is the smallest change that you will accept between calculations. The smaller the number, the more accurate the result and the more time Excel needs to recalculate a worksheet.

Click OK to close the Window.

File ->Options-> Formulas