Exam 77-428 Microsoft Excel 2013 EXPERT
3. Create Advanced Formulas
3.4 Create Scenarios: Use the Watch Window


The Watch Window

Earlier in this book we looked at Auditing Formulas with Tracing, Show Formulas and Error Checking. The Watch Window is another useful Auditing Tool. The Watch Window lets you select a Cell or Range of Cells and place them in a little window that stays on top. You can "watch" the changes in these Cells as you work with the data or Scenarios.

Please Note: This is a screen shot of a spreadsheet we created in a previous lesson. You do not have to do this step.


5. Consider This: The Watch Window 

Go to Formulas ->Formula Auditing.

Click on Watch Window.


What Do You See? You will be prompted to Add Cells to the Watch Window. If you click on Add Watch, you can select the Cells you want to keep an eye on. In this example the Watch Window is showing the Value in Cell H74: $33,540.00.

That will work. Close the Watch Window. Keep going...

Formulas ->Formula Auditing->Watch Window