Exam 77-420 Microsoft Excel 2013
4. Apply Formulas and Functions
4.1 Apply Cell Ranges and References in Formulas and Functions: Evaluate Formulas (Step In)

Formula Calculations

When does a Formula calculate your results? Are there any options? By default, the workbook calculations are automatic.

Please Note: This is a screen shot of a spreadsheet we created in a previous lesson. Any spreadsheet will work for this review.


4. Consider This: Automatic Calculations 

Go to Formulas ->Calculation.

Click on Calculation Options.


What Do You See? The options include:

Automatic (This is the default.)

Automatic Except for Data Tables


What Else Do You See? The little buttons to the right of Calculation Options are:

Calculate Now

Calculate Sheet


These buttons are useful when the Calculation is set to Manual.

Keep going...

Formulas ->Calculation->Calculation Options