Exam 77-420 Microsoft Excel 2013
4. Apply Formulas and Functions
4.4 Format and Modify Text with Functions: Use the TRIM Function


Text: TRIM Function

Sometimes the information in a STRING is separated by double spaces. The TRIM Function removes all spaces from a text string and leaves one single space between the words. This is a simple Function without many options.


3, Try it: Edit the TRIM Function Arguments

The sample spreadsheet is still open.
Select Cell M1. Type the label: TRIM.

Select Cell M2. 

Go to Formulas ->Function Library->Text.

Click on TRIM.

Select a Cell: K2.
There will be a preview: Jan, Private, Cold Platter.
Click OK.

Do This, Too: Copy the TRIM Function
Select Cell M2. Copy Cell M2 and paste the TRIM Functioninto Cells M3:M69.


So, that was a brief discussion on how to use Functions to manipulate TEXT. If you work with big databases you may need these functions.

Now, turn the page to try something different.

Formulas ->Function Library-> Text->TRIM