Exam 77-427 Microsoft Excel 2013 EXPERT
3. Create Advanced Formulas
3.3  Apply Advanced Date and Time Functions: Use Functions to Serialize Dates and Times (NETWORKDAYS)

Calculating the Date

Many businesses need to calculate the difference between the current date and the date on the transaction. Microsoft Excel has several functions for working with Dates.

Let's consider Date, Today, and Now. Today() and Now() both enter the date. The Today() function updates automatically to show the current the current date and time. The Now() function does not update automatically. These two functions do not have any Arguments. Date lets you enter the Arguments for Year, Month and Day.


1. Before Your Begin: Make a Reference Date

Select Cell G1 and type: Reference Date

Select Cell G2.

Go to Formulas->Function Library->Date & Time->Date.
Enter the Function Arguments:
Year: 2013
Month: 8
OK to close the Function Arguments.

Do This, Too: Copy and Paste Cell G2 to G70
(all of the Rows in this example) Keep going...

Memo to Self: Columns C, D and E are hidden in this lesson so that you can see the date in Column A and the Reference Date in Column G.

Formulas->Function Library-> Date & Time->Date