Exam 77-420 Microsoft Excel 2013
4. Apply Formulas and Functions
4.4 Format and Modify Text with Functions: CONCATENATE


Additional Text Fields

If you add additional Text fields, you can include labels and punctuation if you wish.


5. Try This: Use Additional Text Fields

Select Cell F2 and delete the formula.

Select Cell F2, again.

Go to Formulas -> Function Library-> Text.

Click on Concatenate.

Edit Text1: "Daily Sales for "

Edit Text2: B2

Edit Text 3: ": "

Edit Text 4: D2
Click OK.


Try This, Too: AutoFill the Formula

Select Cell F2.

AutoFill Cell F2 to the bottom of Column F.


What Do You See? Does your formula include the additional Text fields in the Concatenation?


Memo to Self: Whatever you type between the quotes will be displayed as text between the Concatenated Cells. If you need a space between the ": " colon and the number, then add a space to Text3 between the quotes.

Formulas -> Function Library-> Text ->Concatenate