Autofill a Relative Reference

In the previous page we created an equation in Cell C6 and tested it. Please Autofill that equation to all of the dates in Column C.


3. Try This: Autofill a Relative Reference

Select Cell C6. Double Click the AutoFill handle in the lower right corner of the Cell.


What Do You See? The formula in Cell C6 will be copied to all of the dates in Column C. However, instead of copying $3.25, the price in Cell B1, Cell C10 says "Product" and Cell C11 says "Pigs."


What Else Do You See? The numbers in Column E also indicate a problem. The first equation in Cell E6 calculates correctly. 


#VALUE means the data doesn't make any sense: there may be a mismatch. In this example, Excel can't multiply Pigs*205 (Text times a Number).


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Exam 77-420 Microsoft Excel 2013
4. Apply Formulas and Functions
4.1 Apply Cell Ranges and References in Formulas and Functions:  Use References (Relative, Mixed, Absolute)