Exam 77-427 Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert
4. Create Advanced Charts and Tables
4.2   Create and Manage PivotTables: Use Calculated Fields (Go to)


Advanced Diagram View

4. Try This: Find the Calculated Field

Go to Advanced Ribbon.

Click on Show Implicit Calculated Fields.


What Do You See? Please look at the bottom of tblProducts. You should see a Calculated Field: Count of Item.

Now, Try This: Go to the Calculated Field

Right-click the Field: Count of Item.

Click on Go To.

You will return to the Data View.
Count of Item should be selected.
There are 51 items in this Table.

So far so good. Now we are ready to create a couple of Perspectives!

Where Have You Seen This Before? The Calculated Field: Count of Item is the Value in the PivotTable Field List.

Advanced ->Show Implicit Calculated Fields