Exam 77-428 Microsoft Excel 2013 EXPERT
1. Manage and Share Workbooks
1.2 Prepare a Workbook for Review: Protect Workbook

Permissions and Protection

Security and permissions can be set at many levels. Earlier in this lesson we looked at how to Share or Protect a sheet or a workbook for changes and comments.

The following pages will discuss Permissions using the Backstage properties.


Before You Begin: This lesson will use a different file that has NOT been Shared or Protected.


1. Try it: Review the Permissions

Open the sample spreadsheet:
Time Sheet 2013.xlsx (Complete)

Go to File ->Info-> Protect Workbook.

What Do You See: The Permissions are:

Mark as Final

Encrypt with Password

Protect Current Sheet

Protect Workbook Structure

Restrict Access

Add a Digital Signature.


Let's consider these options. Keep going...

File ->Info->Protect Workbook