Exam 77-428 Microsoft Excel 2013 EXPERT
1. Manage and Share Workbooks
1.3   Manage Workbook Changes: Create Workspaces


Working Together

Say two people need to work on the same file at the same time. How would you compare the two files and merge the changes? Microsoft Excel has a tool you can add that automates the steps: Compare and Merge Workbooks.


1. Here are some thoughts to consider:


Where are you sharing your work?

For the best results, you need to save all of the shared copies in the same folder on the server.


Where is the command button?

You also need to customize the Quick Access  and add the Compare and Merge Workbooks button. This option is NOT available in the Review Ribbon by default.


Working With the Same Shared Copies

Compare and Merge Workbooks only works with copies of the same Shared workbook. It cannot be used to combine workbooks that are not Shared.


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