Exam 77-420 Microsoft Excel 2013
2. Create Cells and Ranges
2.3 Order and Group Cells and Ranges: Create Outlines (Collapse Groups of Data in Outlines)


Data -> Outline-> Subtotal

Viewing the Subtotals

The information is outlined on the left hand side of the spreadsheet.


You can use the outline to show or hide the details. The + sign means there is more to see. The sign indicates that all of the Rows are shown.


4. Try It: Use the Outline

Go to the Outline at the top of the left side.
Click on the 3. All Rows are visible.

Click on the 2: That's the Subtotals.

Click on the 1. That hides all of the Rows except the Grand Count.


Made You Look: In this image, you are looking at Column E, so that it will fit on the page, OK?