Exam 77-420 Microsoft Excel 2013
3. Create Tables
3.1 Create a Table: Table Properties (Title and Size)



Table Tools: Properties

The Table Tools include two more groups of options: Table Properties and Table Tools

Before You Begin: Review the Properties

The Table Properties include the Title and the Range. By default, the Title is Table1.


Try it: Resize the Table

The Resize Table button lets you select the Range of Cells. Click anywhere on the Table. The Table Tools should be available.


Go to Table Tools-> Design ->Properties

Select Resize Table.


What Do You See? Microsoft Excel will outline the Range of the Table. In the example on this page, the Table is =$A$1:$H$71. The Range is in Absolute references.


You can select a new range, but the Header must stay the same.

Table Tools-> Design ->Properties-> Resize Table