Format as Table

Rows and Columns can be organized into a Table. A Table has Properties that can be formatted much more easily than a List. Here are the steps to convert a List into a Table.


1. Try It: Format a Table

Select Cell A1.
Go to Home->Styles.

Click on Format as Table.

Choose: Table Style Medium 4.


Where is the data for your table?

You will be prompted to select the Range for you data. In the example on this page, Excel selected all of the Cells from $A$1:$H$69. The Range is Absolute.


What Else Do You See? There should be a check mark for My table has headers.


Click OK.

Keep going, please...


Exam 77-420 Microsoft Excel 2013
3. Create Tables
3.1 Create a Table: Create a Table

Home->Styles->Format as Table